A Cup of Coffee

Monday afternoon on July 5th I was feeling a bit bored. I decided I wanted to ride from Downtown to Silver Lake for a cup of coffee at Intelligentsia. It’s about a 3 mile ride to Sunset Junction and the weather was just about perfect. Before I headed that way I decided to get my legs loose by riding through Little Tokyo, then east over to Chinatown and up to Elysian Park.

Coming down Sunset Boulevard towards my destination I decided to forgo stopping and to continue riding. I was in one of those grooves where I just didn’t want to stop. I figured I would stay close to the Metro red line and purple line in case I got tired and wanted to take the metro back to Downtown.

I got a call from Roel by time I was in Hollywood near the intersection of Hollywood / Highland. He asked what I was doing, I told him I was on a bike ride. I asked if he wanted to join and he responded with “yeah ride over to my place and we’ll ride to Venice”. I told him to give me 45 minutes.

By time I arrived at Roel’s house in Santa Monica I was 21 miles in to my ride. From there we rode down to Abbott Kinney and stopped at where else? Intelligentsia for that cup of coffee I wanted.

We ate at L&L on the way back from Venice as I figured some Hamburger steak, rice, macaroni salad and some Portugese sausage musubi would be a nice meal for my trek back to Downtown.

I stopped by Roel’s house, I smashed a Red Bull, some water and I began my journey back to Downtown where frozen vegetables were awaiting my knees followed by a hot bath. 49 miles of bicycling on a fixed gear track bike. R.I.P. knees.

Along the way I managed to snap some photos of my journey through L.A:


Shined up Ronald

Shined up Ronald before my ride

The route:

The ride:

Dodger Stadium

Echo Park

Silver Lake

Los Feliz


Entering West Hollywood

The Hills of Beverly

Century City

West L.A.

Bienvenidos a Santa Monica

Arriving at Roel’s house

En route to Venice

Abbott Kinney


Finally, a cup of coffee

L&L Hawaiian

Ride back to DTLA meal hambuger steak and musubi

Nuart Theater on the way back to Downtown

The last photo I took somewhere between Westwood and K-Town